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This is a genuine Dana/Spicer spindle nut lock washer with folding tabs. These were used in the 1960’s and 1970’s on many common Dana applications, including Dana 60 and 70 front or rear axles. The I.D. is  1 13/16″. The O.D. is 2.375″ and they are 1/16″ thick. These are the same as Dorman part [...]

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This is a genuine Dana/Spicer spindle nut washer for the rear hub on many domestic truck applications.  See photos for size.

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This is a set of adjustable shims for the Gm 7.5 or 8.5 10 bolt rear differential found in 1972-1998 GM cars and trucks. These go with the LM501349 side bearings and LM501314 races. These take the place of the factory 1 piece cast iron shim.

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This is a tailhousing bushing that fits 261 and 263 XHD GM transfer cases as well as Dodge 241DHD transfer cases and Dodge NV4500 and NV5600 2wd transmissions. This goes with the 4741 rear seal.

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This is a front axle disconnect kit for the oil pan mounted axle on 2002-2009 GM SUV’s with the 7.25 front axle. This kit has all the necessary parts for the axle housing on the passenger side of the oil pan. 

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This is the most popular rear seal for GM transfer cases. This fits 233 with 4 bolt tailhousing, 241, 243, 261 and 261HD, 263 and 263HD, as well as Dodge 231, 233, 241, and 243 with 4 bolt tailhousing. Same application as National 4333N and goes with the 17475 rear bushing.

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This is a genuine Dana/Spicer bolt and strap kit that fits either 1480 or 1550 series Dana yokes. This include pinion yokes on many Ford applications.

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This is a genuine AAM rear hub seal for the 14 bolt 10.5 or 11.5 used in 3/4 and 1 ton GM trucks from 2001-2010. This fits trucks with single or dual rear wheels. This is the style hub seal that spins inside itself. The part number 15823962 is right on the seal. This replaces [...]

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